Boat Dives - Sydney

Explore Sydney’s underwater wonders.  Boat Dives at Sydney’s best dive sites. Dive the Ex HMAS Adelaide.  Novice or pro, fish freak or rust junkie –  go down with the team at Frog Dive and you’ll have a good time.

Need directions to our Boat Pickup Locations?  Go to our Boat Boat Pick Up Location Directions page for links to relevant google map directions.


Boat Dives – Pricing 

Boat Dives - Scuba Diving in Sydney - scuba diver explores the Cathedral | Frog Dive Sydney

Scuba Diver Exploring at The Cathedral

Deep Wreck Dives $70  ( club members  $65)

Single Boat dives $60   (club members $55)

Double Boat Dives $120  (club members $110)

Ex-HMAS Adelaide single dive (with permit) $80

Ex-HMAS Adelaide double boat dives (with permit) $140



Please be aware that scuba diving equipment must only be used by qualified individuals with appropriate experience and training.   To ensure your safety we will only provide hire gear to scuba divers who have been certified through a recognised training agency.  

Proof of certification will be requested at time of collection of any hire gear. 


Hire Gear (Pricing)

Full set of hire gear includes (tank, regulator with dive computer, BCD and wetsuit*)

Hire Gear Single Dive $75                                    club members $65

Hire Gear Double Dive $95                                    club members $85


N.B. Double dive is two dives in one day

*Mask, snorkel and fins available for hire ($20 per day)



Colour Key: Decompression Dive Night Dive Double Dive Normal Dive
April 2017 - Boat Dives
Sunday 2nd April
Saturday 8th April
8:00amDee Why Wide 30m
9:00amShelly Beach18m
10:00amThe Duckenfield18mDeparts Long Reef
12:00pmThe Apartments18mDeparts Long Reef
Sunday 9th April
8:00amBlue Fish Point 18m
10:00amNorth Head Drift18mDeparts Balmoral
12:00pmSouth Head Drift15mDeparts Balmoral
Friday 14th April
Sunday 16th April
9:00amClifton Gardens Shore Divem
Saturday 22nd April
9:00amCamp Cove Dive Sitem
Sunday 23rd April
9:00amShelly Beach18m
Sunday 30th April
9:00amThe Monument Kurnellm
May 2017 - Boat Dives
Sunday 7th May
9:00amShelly Beach18m
Saturday 13th May
7:00amBirchgrove Park55mdeparts Sand Point Lane Boat Ramp, Palm Beach
10:00amThe Valiant27mDeparts Palm Beach
12:00pmThe Valiant27mDeparts Palm Beach
Sunday 14th May
7:30amWreck C50mDeparts Balmoral
9:00amClifton Gardens Shore Divem
10:00amRoyal Sheppard30mDeparts Balmoral
12:00pmNorth Head18mDeparts Balmoral
Saturday 20th May
7:30amThe Cooloolli50mDeparts Long Reef
9:00amBare Island Dive Site18m
10:00amDee Why Wide 30m
12:00pmThe Duckenfield18mDeparts Long Reef
Sunday 21st May
7:30amAnnie M Miller50mDeparts Balmoral
10:00amRoyal Sheppard30mDeparts Balmoral
12:00pmThe Dunbar18mDeparts Balmoral
Sunday 28th May
9:00amShelly Beach18m