11 June 2010

Gday Froggies,

Did you know that we have not dived for the last 3 weekends due to weather? And this Sundays dive is also officially cancelled due to a very strong and large ocean swell coming from the south between 3 and 4 mtrs. So goodbye Shellhabour and we will now run the drysuit trial day at Long Bay on the Jul 11th team dive. Believe us when we say that we do not make these decisions lightly and only in favour of safety.


As if you didn’t already know! So what do you need to do to keep diving throughout these cooler months coming up? Well the obvious decision would be to own a drysuit, but we cannot all afford those. So to add warmth to your wetsuit we suggest the addition of a thermal garment to wear underneath your current suit. You have 2 choices at Frog dive, the new Lavacore and Sharkskin. Both are available on our website and you can view these items by clicking on this http://frogdive.cart.net.au/store/thermal-wear-sharskin-and-lavacore/ Willoughby stocks the range of sharkskin and Guildford stocks the Lavacore range. Both styles produce socks, hoods, hooded vests, suits, long sleeve vests with and without hoods and tshirt styled vests.


It is that time of year when the seals move into the surrounding areas of Jervis Bay and we have planned a trip to dive with them on the weekend of August 14/15. Jervis Bay is only 2.5 hours drive south of Sydney and the accommodation provided is clean and tidy. We are taking expression of interest for this weekend away so please call either store to book.


Do you know about the trips we have done and are planning to do? You have holidays every year just like everyone else, and do you waste this time at home doing the garden or home repairs? Well read on and see where we have been this year and where we are going to. Philippines last month with Grahame, West Papua in August [full], Micronesia in September [full], Mike Ball in November [full], Egypt in October [limited space] and New Guinea in November [plenty of space]. We also have a short trip to the Brisbane wreck in August with space available. So maybe you might like to join a group with places still left this year or think about travelling with like minded divers next year!


For those of you that really want to be warm all year round when you dive, maybe one of these offers may suit you. The first deal is from Pinnacle, the most popular drysuit sold through Frog Dive last year, the Evolution 3. They were $2599 and are now down to only $1499. And the most comfortable drysuit to wear, the Apollo Edge, is in stock at both shops for only $1750. You can view both of these suits online once again in our online shop and while you are there check out the new Hollis drysuit for those that want a tuff technical drysuit.

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