11 November 2010

Gday Froggies,

Grant Bucknell’s group have returned from the Red Sea with some good stories. Yes the water was clear and the boat they dived from was good, but the comments seem to be all about the pyramids and Egypt. The journey however was a very long one! We look forward to reading Grants report in the coming weeks in the destination section of the website.

As one trip returns another departs. John and Duane head off to run an expedition on board Mike Balls boat the Spoilsport this week. They depart from Cairns and go wide to the Coral Sea and then travel south through the reef to end up diving on the Yongala wreck. This should be an awesome adventure. By the way, we have only 2 positions left on the Minke whale trip next year.

This month’s newsletter is attached to the top of the email. When you receive this email, to view the photos, simply right click on the image area and select download photos. Not everyone is aware of this.

Elliott’s night dive on Tuesday night was successful and very clean from the reports. He had around 10 divers who all kindly donated a couple of pounds of weight to him as he FORGOT his own weightbelt! There is an excuse, but then again excuses are only excuses…what say you Elliott? I think we can forgive the boy especially after all his efforts this year.

This weekend’s trip to Forster has been cancelled. Why? Apparently the boat has no motors, as they are being replaced and will not be ready to run our tour in time. We apologise to all that were booked, and we were not aware of this until yesterday. If you are still keen to dive, we have our team dive on Sunday and also next weekend a trip to dive at Jervis Bay with space.

The SBS film crew that used the Guildford store recently for a television series has informed us that the show will air in January, and the program is called Eastwest. I hope the store was clean enough for the shoot…it should be good viewing.


Can you believe we are in November already? We are diving at Bare Island, and will brief the dive at 9am. As usual your food will be catered for, but be aware that it is not for free. Due to the cancellation of last months dive due to poor weather we should have a reasonable turnout on Sunday. The boat has scheduled 3 dives beginning at 8am [which will be a 30 meter dive] and then the 2 following will be at 18 meters, 10am and 12 noon. We would like to say that we will dive the sharks at Magic point, but cannot promise depending on the wind strength from the NE. Bare island itself will be protected from any wind on Sunday, so we hope to see you there. We have divemasters on duty to assist you on the day, and please email luke@frogdive.com.au to let him know if you intend to come and dive.


Are you looking for some new areas to explore? Our weekends away are proving to be very popular because of the variety of sites and experiences they offer, and this trip to Jervis Bay is easy, affordable and most importantly, a lot of fun. If the weather permits us we will be diving with the seals outside of the bay, and this will be the last opportunity to do this as they traditionally head further south for the summer months. Other options to dive are the Tubes, double decker cave, Spiders cave, Point Perpendicular, Pyramid rock, Bowen island, and the wreck of the Firefly plane. The best sites for the day will be selected and all experience levels are catered for. We need to know if you would like to come, preferably by tomorrow afternoon, so that we can inform Jervis Bay dive of the numbers. 2 nights accommodation, 4 boat dives, air, your second tank and a dive buddy are all included for $350 / 325 team. Ring either store asap to book.


If you are an Advance diver and would like to become a PADI divemaster then read on. At Frog dive we have a great way for you to gain experience, have fun while learning, and in the end be certified as a divemaster, without forking out any money upfront. The Complete Divemaster course includes your Rescue diver, 5 specialty course [typically your deep, wreck, equipment specialist, underwater photography and dry suit or you can change these to suit your needs], and then your divemaster course. It also includes your PADI master diver certification once your 5 specialties have been completed. To do these courses separately would cost you over $2800. Our cost is $2495.00 or you can pay $50 per week for 12 months. All of our candidates have used the payment plan to begin their training and you can start immediately by simply coming down to your Frog dive store and completing an application form. Typically you can complete all the courses in as little as 6 months or you can take your time if you so please. Click on to this link for more information https://www.frogdive.com.au/courses/complete_dm.html and open the course brochure at the bottom of the page.

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