15 July 2010

Gday Froggies,

So why would you decide to dive at this time of year? You could ask the 50 or so divers last weekend that joined us for a dive or 2 at Long Bay, and they would tell you why. We had a true 7 grey nurse sharks at Magic Point accompanied with around 20 to 25 meters visibility! The water was 17 to 18 degrees, and we had 11 people try dry suits for the first time thanks to Donna Rainey from Apollo. By the way, for those of you that turned up to try the suit, the special deal ends this Saturday. The clarity in the water continues this week, so maybe you should organise yourself to get wet with us over the weekend.


The tide will coming into the bay on Saturday morning which should result in more of this cleaner water. Geoff Nangle will be leading the group at either 8am at the store or at 10am at the bridge at La Perouse. For those wishing to attend please call Geoff on 0418643005. If you are a Guildford customer and have not dived since the course or require hire gear, you can meet here at the shop at 8am and have Geoff take you and your hire gear with him in the Frog truck, but you must book your hire gear with Luke beforehand. We will have a BBQ back at the store afterwards [free].


Is there a better shore dive in winter than Shelly beach? Always a calm and easy shore dive entry, great hot food served and the boat gets out to sites like Dee Why wide and Bluefish point. Book early at either store to secure a boat ride, and we will ask for your intention to attend as we get a bit closer for the shore dive date.


Yes there is no denying the drop in water temperature at this time of year. It is currently around the 17 degree mark, and that would demand some extra thermal protection. We all like to dive year round, and you can do it reasonably comfortably in the cooler months simply by adding a little protective clothing such as Sharkskin or Lavacore thermal garments. Most of your heat is lost through your head, so add a hooded vest or dive hood to help reduce that loss, and you will find it amazing when you feel the difference a pair of socks can make under your dive boots. For pricing and designs click onto this link where you can view both ranges of dive wear.

JERVIS BAY with the Seal and FORSTER with the dolphins – AUGUST 14/15TH

We have 2 separate groups going away on the same weekend. If you dive at Jervis bay you will see the start of the seal season, and hopefully have the opportunity to play underwater with these playful rascals. Up north we sometimes get to swim with the dolphins at this time of year on our way to scuba dive Forster’s great dive sites. There is space on either weekend, but please express your interest early to avoid disappointment.

TAKE NOTE: there is limited space on the boat this weekend with the great visibility of late, so book early, and remember that the September team dive is the Treasure Hunt with up to $10,000 worth of giveaways… stay tuned

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