20 August 2010

Gday Froggies,

We had a great time in the snow last weekend. In the worst ever season, we managed the best weekend
so far with snow, and we made the most of it. The kids had a ball, and I forget how many snow balls
were thrown over the weekend. It snowed heavily Saturday night, and we went hard over the whole
weekend. John Warner suffered the only injury, he has a heart problem…….that is he has no heart
and put in a very poor effort on the slopes. John has an unusually large head and could not find
a helmet big enough to fit it…..maybe that affected his confidence! We will post some pictures
shortly on the web.

Last weekend’s weather in Sydney proved to be adverse. But it did not affect our group in Jervis
bay where they played with the seals and experienced a truly fun weekend away. Thanks to Wolffa
for helping everyone, and if you have not been down there yet, book a spot for the next weekend
in November when the seals will still be around to play with! Again photos will be posted shortly.


We have been blessed with the presence of the master himself….Sean Pittaway to lead the shore
dive tomorrow at Shelly Beach 9am. Please call him today, no later than 6pm, on 0407442331, to
let him know that you intend to dive. Sean will most probably be asleep in his white Toyota when
you arrive……..thanks Sean. For the Guildford customers we will have snags and drinks back at the
store afterwards.


It is on again! On the 12th September at Balmoral beach, 9am, we will meet to participate in
Sydney’s biggest potato hunt. We drop a heap of potatoes in the water and when given the signal,
you all race to find one and then exchange it for a raffle ticket. 1 potato per diver is the rule,
and we then draw the prizes after a huge lunch which is included in the entry fee. The cost is
$30 and $20 for current team members…..so bring your membership card on the day. All monies raised
go back to the club to help continue to run the catered for team days. If you have dietary requirements
please notify Luke via email, and if you are coming along please also let him know luke@frogdive.com.au
We have been doing this for many years now, and in the past everyone won a small prize. The consensus
was for less prizes but of more value…….so your chances of winning are about 1 in 3. The food,
drinks and desert are all supplied in the entry fee, and we ask for all our staff for assistance
on the day. A series of divers flags will plot out the area to dive……we would love to see you all


The weather for this weekend is going to be great for scuba diving! We have very little swell
and the breeze will come from the west all weekend……which usually means very clean water. There
is plenty of space on both days at 11am, and Sunday will see the dive go to the Valiant wreck off
Palm Beach. An advanced certification is a must, and this dive is one of the best boat dives in
Sydney. The Valiant wreck is one of the few complete wrecks still available to dive in a depth
of only 28mtrs. Call either store to book.


Our West Papua, Micronesia and Mike Ball trips are full. We have a couple of positions left travelling
to Egypt to dive from a liveaboard and then head over to the pyramids afterwards. If this sounds
like your cup of tea, then contact Grant Bucknell on 0414566403……this could be a great way to spend
that tax refund!

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