Christmas Shore dive – Kurnell – Sunday 2nd December

Join us for a truly wonderful day at Kurnell on Sunday 2nd December for our Christmas shore and boat dive.  We meet for the brief at 9am, at Inscription point, where we will organise your buddy if required. Santa will arrive after lunch, and if you have your kiddies coming on the day, please bring […]

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Weekly email November 22

All the talk around the stores is about the formal Christmas party this weekend. Bookings have closed and we will see over 100 people dress in their best for what is our best night of the calendar year. My wife decided on her dress, after purchasing 4 originally….she bought another! She has the right to […]

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Weekly email November 15th

    Gday Froggies,   The visibility earlier this week has been fairly poor. We are hoping for some cleaner water for this weekend though. A bit of housekeeping, there are quite a few spots on Sunday’s boat dive 12 noon, and it is a nice easy one to around 17 mtrs, call either store […]

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Shore Dive – Fairlight beach – Sunday 25th November – 10am

When conditions are poor outside in the ocean and you still wish to dive, Fairlight is one of our better dive site options. You should join us to see for yourself how good the dives in the harbour can be, by calling 99585699 and booking your spot on this shore dive.  If you have your […]

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Shore dive – Kurnell – Saturday 17th November – 7.30am

Theo Starr has promised that he will produce weedy sea dragons on the dive on Saturday morning, but it is going to early at 7.30am meeting there for a shore dive. You MUST call Theo on 0416278747 if you wish to attend, and you must be an advance diver as there will be a fun entry! […]

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Weekly email November 1st

If you would like to receive our weekly emails, simply enter your email address on the home page in the area provided. Well last weekend was not the best due to a large southerly swell. Predictions for this weekend are more favourable, but we will still have a reasonable swell from the north east. The […]

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Harbord shore dive – NOW Shelly Beach -Sunday 11th November – 10am

We like to run a shore dive every weekend, and we typically alternate the days. One weekend we will run the dive on a Saturday and the next will be on the Sunday. This weekend will see us at Shelly Beach, as the wind is predicted to be southerly and Shelly offers great protection. The dive […]

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