25 March 2010

Gday Froggies,

It is really frustrating when friends tell you that you should have dived with them on the last because they saw such and such……well boys and girls……you should have turned up to last night’s dive with Elliott…..as they spent plenty of time with a turtle! Yes, it is true and the photos are attached to the top of this email for you to see. 7 happy divers witnessed the little takker lying amongst the kelp. Shelly beach is truly becoming an excellent site for marine life. Remember that Elliott is diving there again on Sunday, the turtle may not be there then, but you never know……

In regards to the weather this weekday, it looks great for diving, with virtually no swell and very little wind. Saturday is the pick for boat dives as we are diving up at Long Reef. Omega 2 has plenty of space at 10 and 12, and with the good diving predictions, this should motivate everyone to get wet. Call either store to book, and do it today so that you do not miss out. By the way, the digital photography course with Theo is running this weekday for both stores at Guildford Saturday morning,8am.


New divers, advanced divers, old divers……Jervis Bay is still here! We sometimes overlook and forget how good some locations are. We are all time starved, with work and family life, and yet the passion for scuba diving still exists. Yet we make excuses for not diving, well why not make an excuse to dive! Present a case to your boss or partner as to why you deserve a weekday away doing something for yourself….and book on to our next weekday away to the fabulous Jervis Bay. A short drive, only 2.5 hours, see you in Huskisson where the accommodation is great. You will do 4 boat dives with your air and second tank supplied. Regardless of your experience, we stress this point, as all the sites we go to are accessible to everyone. The cost is only $350 / 325 team.


Have a look at this link at the new underwater scooters from Bladefish. They have a great range as you will be able to see from this website. They are available now, and to see how well they go, look at the video which is in the detail of each product. They are all powered by lithium ion batteries, which lends them to be very light, and therefore easy to carry. Unlike some models released into the market place over the last 5 years, these are a proven reliable unit with state of the art battery technology. We think you will be impressed.


We have good news on the sale front. We have managed to secure the very popular 30% off retail package for an extended period. There is another promotion open to us, but we believe the original promotion will appeal more to the average diver….so we are happy to announce that it will continue within both stores. You can view the details on our home page in the promotions area www.frogdive.com.au

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