About Frog Dive Scuba Dive Centre

Frog Dive Scuba Dive Centre is Sydney’s most progressive Diver retail and scuba training centre. We commenced operations in 1978 and are located in Willoughby on Sydney’s North Shore.
Frog Dive has a  purpose built DIVER TRAINING CENTRE with ON-SITE HEATED diver training pool. The centre  is laid out with you the diver in mind. A large retail area is separate from the training room which is adjacent to the pool. At Frog Dive you can learn to dive in comfort, or just try out the newest dive equipment before you buy it.

Frog Dive offer recreational and technical training diver training, refer to our Courses menus for more details.

Our centre has an extensive service laboratory where your diving equipment is maintained by qualified life support technicians. We also have a hydrostatic testing station #128B on site which test all SCUBA cylinders.

Frog Dive carry an extensive range of quality hire equipment for scuba diving including wetsuits,BCDs and computers.

Frog Dive Scuba Centre is a “Technical Diving International” (TDI) training centre. We provide training in Nitrox diving, Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving, Extended Range diving and Trimix Diving. Frog Dive Willoughby is also an instructor training centre for Nitrox instructors. Each centre has a qualified TDI technician who can service, clean and provide you with Nitrox Fills.

For social diving events join the “Frog Dive Team”. We email details of Frog events every week. You can subscribe to this service by entering your details in the appropriate section of the home page. We’ll also let you know about upcoming weekend diving adventures and diving holidays.

Our Pledge

Our mission is to assist our clients to fulfill their dream of becoming active and fun loving scuba divers. We will achieve this by providing personal and caring customer service, quality scuba training programmes and an active recreational diving programme tailored to meet your needs.

In doing so we wish to create a client who is an advocate of our business, a satisfied diver and a long term friend. This will then provide a rewarding environment for all Frog Dive employees that will ensure that Frog Dive is always “One Jump Ahead”.

Our Commitment To You

To achieve our pledge to you, Frog Dive Scuba Centres will: When dealing with you will always be courteous, considerate, compassionate and responsible. And we ask you to tell us if you feel we have not handled your problem correctly so that we can take steps to ensure that we satisfy the problem you have.

Always be a source of honest and reliable information on all your diving concerns, regarding equipment, training and travel.

Maintain a superior diver training facilities and programmes to enable you to enjoy and gain a positive experience from any training provided by Frog Dive Scuba Centres.

Always carry a comprehensive range of quality diving equipment which will allow you to make an informed decision when purchasing and diving related equipment.

Provide a variety of diving opportunites for all our clients, by:

  • maintaining an active dive club
  • organising weekly shore dives, boat, night and specialty dives to satisfy your diving desires
  • scheduling regular weekends away to popular and exciting diving destinations
  • providing to join us on a diving holiday

Our business is client focused, always keeping Frog Dive “One Jump Ahead”.