Frog Dive Staff


Manager of Frog Dive Willoughby – Dennis first joined Frog Dive in 1987, worked in scuba wholesale during 93/94 before returning to manage Frog Dive Willoughby.Dennis is quite a personality within Frog Dive, and has earned a reputation as a very knowledgeable and competent diving retailer.

Dennis is also an active NAUI Divemaster, Nitrox Diver, Extended Range Diver, Life Support Technician and TDI Gas Blender.


John is the Tecnichal diver Manager and Service Technician at Frog Dive Willoughby. He started in that position in 1994, travelled overseas during 1998/1999 and now is back. John is a NAUI Master Instructor, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 18 specialties and holds Instructor levels in TDI Rebreather, Extenderd Range, Deco Procedures, Nitrox, Adv Eanx, Advanced Deep Wreck & Blending Technician.

He now also holds an instructor level in rebreathers, having been using the Posiedon MKVI rebreather now since 2011. He has now started using the Hollis Prisim 2 rebreather.

John started diving through Frog Dive in 1989, became an instructor in 1991 and has now logged over 2900 dives all over the world. His favourite programme is the rebreather and Decompression Procedures courses.

John works in the store Monday through Friday, and if not teaching on the  weekend, is spending it with his family.