Advanced Scuba Diving Courses in October

You can feel the weather warming up now, and with fantastic dive conditions last weekend, we have had enquiries about our future course dates.

ADVANCED COURSE – SATURDAY OCTOBER 1 – Sean Pittaway instructor

Next Saturday, October 1st, good old Sean is coming out to play, and he is running the Advance course over Saturday and Sunday. Why should you consider doing this course? Well, the best answer is that you do 5 scuba dives over a weekend…….and you will enjoy the diving , but also improve yourself as a diving gaining more skills and confidence. When we finish our scuba course, most of us enjoy the experience, but lack the ability to simply go and dive. We do not want to holding up the other divers, and we also do not want to appear to be inexperienced. Others have done plenty of dives, but lack a qualification to go on and continue their training in others courses, and require this certification in order to experience more involved courses. Well, anyone of any standard is encouraged to attend, and get the most out of this great sport! The cost is $375 / 350 team members, and team members get free hire gear for the weekend. It is cheaper to join the club at $55 a year, than to enrol on this course as a non member requiring hire gear…….speak to the boys today or tomorrow to book on.

RESCUE COURSE – Jim Vernon instructor – October 27th

Jim Vernon has made the rescue course his specialty program to teach. We cannot give anything away, but there are many surprises on his courses. Anyone who has done a rescue diving course will agree that every scuba diver should do it…….it is the most personally rewarding program on offer at Frog. The course runs over 2 nights, Thursday and Friday starting at 6.30pm, with the practical done on Saturday and Sunday. You must have a current first aid ticket to do this course, and the cost of this course is $395 / $375 team. It is also the prerequisite for the Divemaster course.

DECOMPRESSION PROCEDURES COURSE – Grahame Selleck instructor – January

This program, decompression procedures and advanced nitrox, is for those of you that wish to dive deeper than the average diver, but wish to be trained correctly in how to do it. If this type of program appeals to you, click on to this link   for more information, and then call Grahame to discuss the requirements. Due to the fact that we are required to do many deep boat dives as part of the course, the scheduled time of 3 weekends can sometimes go for more… weather plays a part in this course more than you expect. We wish to start this in January, and we are calling on interested parties to give us a call.


We plan to hold a Divemaster course over 3 weekends in February. For those that have been trying to get on this course for some time, we are now giving you notice, so that you can get ready and prepare yourself in the skills required to attend. Click on to this link for the Divemaster course, and check out this for the complete Divemaster program.


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