Christmas Party – Angelos On The Bay

You need to now think about what outfit you intend to wear for our annual Christmas celebration. This night really is our way of getting together, having something to drink and enjoying not only truly sensational dining, but also the company of so many people that make up the Frog Dive culture. Old or young, it does not matter. We dress up in formal clothes, suits for men, and the ladies get a chance to be noticed with so much effort going into their appearance. The location is on the water, we allocate awards, dance and have a good a time as we possibly can. The cost has risen slightly to $135 each, and the night is worth every cent. Beer and wine is supplied along with a tremendous menu. If you require an alternative meal of sorts, any diet can be catered for. We really would love to have everyone there, but there is limited space, 120 persons only. Please organise a spot or a group of your friends and call either store.

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