Ocean Hunter Dyneema Bridle Pack

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Ocean Hunter dyneema bridle pack includes 5 dyneema bridles per pack.

The use of dyneema on the bridle provides a durable material which is popular in bridle designs, so you can trust that these bridles will work effectively. Buying these bridles in a 5 pack allows you to save money and makes replacing bridles quick and easy.


  • The Bridles are made using two Ocean Hunter moulded plastic bridle beads
  • Ideal to put in your emergency supplies pack in your dive bag
  • Sold as 5 completed Dyneema bridles in a pack
  • Beads have been rounded with no sharp edges
  • Dyneema cord has a breaking strain of 180kg
  • Made using 1 strands of 2mm Dyneema cord
  • Perfect accessory to build your own rubbers