PADI Navigation Course


Sick of getting lost? Then this is for you…

One of a divers  biggest challenges is working out where we are underwater. This challenge is is easy to overcome, because navigation is not hard, if you receive some basic training in navigational techniques.

The aim of the PADI Underwater Navigation Course is to:
  1. Develop your practical knowledge of underwater navigation
  2. To enable you to enjoy your diving using navigational skills
  3. To increase your diving confidence, by taking the stress out of being able to navigate while you’re enjoying your dive.

Navigation is a practical skill, so we take you for one day to the water, brief you prior to each dive on the skills you will need to acquire, then get you into the water doing them. There are a total of three dives on the PADI Underwater Navigation course, so by the end of the day, you will surprise yourself with your new found diving skills, as well as your added comfort in the water.

The PADI Underwater Navigation Course is ideal for newly certified divers, or divers who are sick of getting lost. You will obviously need dive gear and a compass, hire gear is available at reasonable rates.

Cost of the program:

  • $295for non Team Members
  • $275 for Frog Dive Team Members

Dive #1

  • Dive brief
  • Measuring distance by “kick cycles”
  • Compass use—reciprocal swim
  • Surface and u/w compass use
  • Introduction to navigating squares
  • Exit, discuss & log dive.

Dive #2

  • Dive brief
  • Navigating squares & hollow U’s
  • Fixing an underwater feature at the surface for relocation
  • Exit, discuss and log dive

Dive #3

  • Dive brief
  • Underwater orienteering exercise.
  • Draw a map of underwater area.
  • Exit, discuss & debrief
Course Inclusions:
  • All training
  • PADI Navigation Manual
  • PADI Specialty Certificate and C Card
  • 2nd cylinder included
You need to supply:
  • Your own dive gear, hire available at $50
  • Transport to dive site
  • Air fill at dive site if required
  • One free day to complete the program

2018 course dates

28th October, 8th December

2019 course dates

10th February, 14th April, 9th June, 11th August, 13th October, 8th December

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