Equipment Maintenance Course

Scuba diving is an equipment intensive recreation, if something goes wrong with the gear, there is a good chance you cannot dive. There is nothing more frustrating than planning your dive day, heading off early to the dive site, and when you set your gear up there is a problem that appears to stop you diving. A lot of the time, with a little knowledge of dive gear, you can rectify the problem yourself or make an educated decision on what to do.

Our one day Equipment Specialty program is designed to:

  1. Make you aware of how your dive gear operates
  2. Show you how to diagnose & fix common problems
  3. Explain how to conduct preventative maintenance
  4. Help you assemble a suggested spare parts kit to get you out of trouble.

Frog Dive’s Equipment maintenance program is conveniently conducted over one Wednesday evening.

We start at 6pm and finish around 10pm, with plenty of practical demonstrations to make
understanding easy.

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2018 Course Dates

13th February, 13th March, 3rd April, 8th May, 5th June, 10th July, 14th August, 11th September,          9th October, 6th November, 4th December

Fee $250 for non Team Members or $225 for Team Members.

PADI eLearning

Topics Covered
  • Spare parts and tool kit
  • Regulator first and second stage function and trouble shooting
  • Submersible pressure gauge function and trouble shooting
  • Bcd maintenance and inflator maintenance
  • Scuba cylinder review & care
  • Cylinder valve maintenance & burst disc replacement
  • Maintenance and repair of exposure suits
  • General Equipment orientation and setup discussion
Course Inclusions:
  • All training
  • Online theory
  • PADI Specialty Certificate & C Card
You need to supply:
  • Your own dive gear for evaluation
  • Pencil and note book
  • Lunch
Why is my regulator leaking air? Why is my BCD inflator sticking?

This is a one day program designed to familiarize you with the operation and maintenance of dive equipment. It does not teach you to service your regulator, but it will certainly help you field diagnose and possibly repair simple problems that may otherwise stop you diving.

We will show you how regulators, BCD inflators and tank valves work. By under-standing their operation, it will help you determine whether you need professional assistance, or how to conduct a quick fix. The PADI Equipment Specialist is conducted over one day at Frog Dive.