Gilboa Quarry: Ohio

The Midwest Premier Dive Site – in the USA

I wish we had a site like this here Australia

When people hear that I am SCUBA Diver, the first question they ask me is, especially if they don’t dive is… Where do you dive????  Anywhere where there is water…  I reply with a wry smile…In the case of Gilboa, the statement it is a matter of fact!!!!!!

Gilboa in a former Life was a limestone quarry, now in the present day is a Quarry that has been filled up with water from the nearby river and springs and is now dive site, and what a Dive Site it is.

Where is Gilboa?
In a Nutshell… In Northwest OHIO, USA, the closest airports are Columbus (where we landed) and Cleveland.

How to get There???
Unfortunately there is no Public Transport straight to Gilboa.

From Sydney we took a flight to Los Angeles then to New York, then Columbus, no doubt there are and would be more combinations to getting to Gilboa, so I will Let the reader go through the mappimg software of choice to work out the best possible travel arrangements.

From Columbus, the best form of Transport is a hired Vehicle. The Address is. 3763 Old St. Rt. 224, Ottawa, OH 45875.  The advantage of this you will see the Great American Countryside and the American Roads made for ant Road Trip.

Gilboa is made and totally adapted for the Diver.  There are docks, benches, and underwater platforms for your equipment with the dive site being a hop, skip and a giant stride straight into the water. Tanks can be filled on site and there is Nitrox Available. All the gear you require is available for hire but of course bringing your own gear is best and the most comfortable.

Whether it’s a day trip or an entire weekend getaway Gilboa Quarry offers some great amenities not found at other recreational diving attractions.

There are wooded campgrounds encompassing over half the quarry’s perimeter and there is an offering of camping space. Camping areas are conveniently accessible by gravel road allowing for easy drive up access to the quarries main sites.

There are cottages and rooms available on site with showers and heated dressing rooms are also available.

The Diving
There is plenty from 2m to 25m for the recreational diver, with a deep side for the Technical Diver with depths of 40m+.

There are a multitude of items of interest for all divers.This includes the large training platforms and a multitude of wrecks purposely sunk for the diver.  Features include a Grumman airplane, Sikorsky helicopter, School Bus, Trucks, Cars, Bikes, Boats and even a Dr Pepper Drink Machine.


Even the Naturalists will not be disappointed… There is a Wall, and a surreal looking underwater forest with Fish life swimming right up to your mask.

The proprietors have more wrecks to sink and are introducing more fish, including trout, perch minnows and heaps of other species.
For more info, refer to the Web Site and Check Out The Video