Great White Shark Expedition #1

We all arrived in Port Lincoln throughout the day excited in the prospect of coming face to face with the most feared fish in the ocean the Great white Shark.

After a good seafood dinner and a few cleansing drinks, thanks Kevin and Glenn, we all settled in for the night.The next morning we were up early boarding Rodney Fox’s boat the Princess II, a 75 foot vessel especially equipped for seeing the monsters. With two cages; one on the water line and another that could be lowered to a depth of twenty meters to see the sharks in a more normal habitat.

The trip to the Neptune Islands took about five hours, some slept but most of us were too excited and to busy telling each other what they would do when they first came face to face with the Great White.

As soon as we arrived at the Neptune Islands, our deckie Tim, started the job of continuously throwing blood and guts overboard to attract the sharks.

We put tuna heads out on buoys. This was going to be his job for the next three days. If there was a shark within one hundred miles of us he would have been on us.

Fishing took over on the deck as the waiting began, Mike landed leatherjackets, flatheads and heaps of other good fish along with the occasional unnamable species.

We chummed well into the night with no rewards.

The next day we arose with high hopes and started the chumming process again.

The deep water cage was deployed and a few of us decided to see what was happening below us, sadly it was much of the same. A couple of Bull Rays came in for a feed along with a few groupers and heaps of small fish. Tim decided he wanted to film a Weedy Sea Dragon and exited the cage leaving us there wondering would we ever see him again. He returned a little later all intact! But before he could close the cage door a rare eight foot, seven gilled shark appeared and tried to make his way into the cage as well, quick thinking by Stuart Torrington (aka the shark kicker) and his right foot put a stop to that. Thanks Stu.

Most of the group tried their luck through out the day in the bottom cage but with no luck. We did have a quick visit from a Bronze Whaler but by the time everyone got out side it had disappeared back to the depths. We called it a day and settled in for a movie and some fine South Australian red wine.

For those interested Andrew Fox also gave a talk about the tagging of Great Whites.

Day three arrived and everyone one was hopeful that this would b the day, unfortunately not, 400 liters of blood and guts and nothing to show for it.

We decided to go ashore and visit the Australian fur seal colony, this was great and some great photo opportunities were had.

With no shark action happening for the rest of the day we up anchors and headed back to Port Lincoln for the trip back to Sydney, except for myself who was staying on board to try my luck again with the second of our group arriving the next day.

The fearless warriors were Trish Bourke, Leanne Walker, Kellie Pittaway, Charlie Burner, Kevin Wass, Glenn Douglass, Stuart Torrington, Mike Fitzgerald, Keith Hockton, Richard Brooks, Vince Miarchi and myself, John Warner.