Great White Shark Expedition #2

The new group of Froggies slowly filed into Port Lincoln with the same high expectations as the previous group had.We again boarded the Princess II early the next morning. The mood was high and the sun was shining. A pod of dolphins joined us for a while as we motored out through the gulf.Our first stop was Hoskins Island to snorkel with the extremely rare and beautiful Australian Sea Lions. Paul Krattiger was lucky enough to do a dive and take some great photos of these very playful creatures. The rest of us had to settle with just snorkeling with them. I suppose you must think we were mad as sea lions are the number one food of the Great White shark, well they assured us that in twenty years of visiting the island they have never seen a one here.

Arriving late that day at the Neptune Islands, we started the job of again chumming the water. Fresh baits were cut and buoyed and the waiting game again began.The bottom cage rigged, so we could be ready at a moments notice. The moments notice never eventuated but we send most divers in the cage to the sea floor. This kept everyone on their toes and gave them a feel what it would be like when the time arrived.

Gain we waited and waited and waited for the time to arrive.

The red wines again starting flowing again over a great dinner and an early night was had by most, yes Paul and Charles I am talking about you.

The next morning we were all up early getting ready, putting cameras together and getting our dry gear ready for the days diving.

Fishing once again became a popular way to spend the day as we waited for the sharks to appear, Charles and Paul were the fisherman this trip and they didn’t let us down.

We also were kept entertained by a pair of sea eagles which would dive for the fish that Andrew would through back.

The day slowly progressed with divers descending in the cage, Megan and Tim trying to catch some rays on the top deck and the rest of us reading, fishing or watching a movie.

Sunset was truly awesome that evening, as we sat on the back deck with beers in hand. We feasted on fresh Abalone that evening caught from right underneath us.

The next day was beautiful the wind had totally dropped and the sun was working overtime. We decided to again venture on to the Island to spend some time with the seals. Michael probably got a little close to one and you have never seen a person move so fast across rocks to escape the bared teeth of a baby seal.

Back on board we did a final dive in the bottom cage hoping