Mike Ball Coral Sea Safari - September 2016

4 Nights and 14 Dives departing 15 September 2016

4 nights / 14 dives

mike ball coral sea safari

This fabulous 450 mile Coral Sea Expedition combines adventure diving in the Coral Sea with Great Barrier Reef Marine Biodiversity.  

  • Buddy up with Diver sized fish at the world famous Cod Hole
  • Overnight steam to Osprey atoll in the Coral Sea.
  • See spectacular big fish in action in 30m plus visibility
  • Photograph Coral Sea walls with huge yellow and red soft corals
  • 3 shark attraction dives featuring 100s of sharks and witness the amazing ampitheathre shark feeding frenzy
  • Explore Prime Ribbon Reef sites with superior fish and coral diversity
  • Find critters and schooling pelagics at Pixies Pinacle, Lighthouse and Steve’s Bommie

Get Spoilt!

Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard.  Enjoy sumptuous cuisine and a superb combination of diver conveniences, space and stability.


  • 4 Nights on Mike Ball’s Spoilsport
  • All meals included
  • Twin Share Rooms – from Suite to Bunks available
  • unlimited dives
  • Nitrox package available


From only $2343 per diver  Download Mike Ball Fly Dive Coral Sea 2016 Flyer and Mike Ball booking form  here.