Great video! Long Reef Sunday

The long weekend was as predicted 50/50. Diving on the Saturday was awesome, with Omega 2 diving from Long Reef. We had a very happy group of divers experience unbelievable visibility and sea calmness. You must check out this great video taken on the day to get some idea of how good the dive was …

Just another reminder, when you hire gear from whichever store, make sure you check that the equipment is all working well and that the tank is full. A big thank you to the divers on the day that had a spare cylinder and lent it to the fella that had an empty one!

Port Stephens this weekend has been cancelled, so if you were booked please see either store for credit or refund.


The weather prediction for Sunday is for little to no wind and very little swell. It may be a bit overcast, but the sea conditions are fantastic for diving. The plan for Sunday is to meet for the brief at 9am, organise buddies, and then enjoy the shore dive.

We will have some assistance for any new divers on the day, and of late, Shelly beach has been firing, with wobbegong sharks, boarfish, little dusky whalers, and plenty of schooling fish. The only downside to Shelly is the parking levy, so make sure you have coins or your credit card to pay on the day. We would appreciate notice of your intention to come along, so please email prior to Saturday afternoon.

For all you regular frog divers, the boat will be leaving at 8, 10 and 12 noon, with the first dive going to Dee Why wide [30 meters], for advanced divers, and the other 2 will probably go to Blue fish point [18-20 meters]. These are all wonderful dives, and there is lots of space, but after this email, I would reckon that this space will fill! space will fill!


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