PADI Instructor Training

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) consists of two separate but linked programs – the PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) Course and the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

The first part of the IDC is the AI Course, in which you gain an overview of the instructor development process, and are introduced to preparing and delivering presentations for confined water, knowledge development and open water teaching.

After completing the AI Course, you’ll be qualified to conduct several programs independently, and also serve as a more qualified instructional assistant in other programs.

Many of our candidates choose to tackle the AI Course and move straight into the OWSI Program. We structure our Instructor Development Courses to allow either approach, ensuring you are able to complete the overall program at your own pace.

Having completed the AI Course, you’re ready to move into the OWSI Program. Here, you’ll further refine your teaching skills, and learn how to apply those skills in the full range of programs that a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor can teach.

You’ll be introduced to topics on PADI standards and procedures, business aspects of diving, risk management and other areas that will assist in your preparation for becoming a professional dive instructor.

We schedule our PADI Instructor Development Courses over 9 days to give you the chance to learn at a comfortable pace, and to practice as much as possible.

**BONUS: Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor CourseCandidates who complete the IDC at Frog Dive will also complete the Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor Training Course for no extra charge. This will give you an additional qualification once you successfully complete your IE.With this qualification, you’ll be able to teach the PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty, which features an exciting new manual and is the PADI Specialty of the Year for 2009!

You’ll also be more confident in your ability to work with your students on all courses as they get to know the creatures they interact with during their underwater adventures.

After completing all modules of the IDC, you are ready to attend the PADI Instructor Exam. Conducted by PADI, this 2 day program ensures that you have all the knowledge and skills to begin teaching people to dive.

Generally, our IDCs are scheduled to coincide with a PADI IE in Sydney, although you may choose to attend any PADI IE that suits your personal schedule.

The cost of attending the PADI IE is an additional fee, payable directly to PADI.


Once you successfully complete the IE and provide evidence of your certification as a CPR/first aid instructor, your paperwork will be processed by PADI and you’ll be certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

IDC Prerequisites

Assistant Instructor Course

The following pre-requisites also apply to those enrolling in a complete IDC.

  1. PADI Divemaster or equivalent.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Submit a Medical Statement for a diving medical exam conducted within 12 months.
  4. Certified diver for at least 6 months & have logged at least 60 open water dives, & have experience in deep, night and navigation diving.
  5. Submit proof of CPR & first aid training within 24 months.

Other prerequisites may apply.

OWSI Program

  1. PADI AI or current instructor member in good standing with another recreational diver training organization for at least 6 months.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Submit a Medical Statement for a diving medical examination conducted within 12 months.
  4. Certified diver for at least six months and have logged at least 60 open water dives and have documentation of experience in deep, night and navigation diving.
  5. Submit proof of CPR and first aid training within 24 months.

Certification as an OWSI

Prior to certification as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, you’ll need to provide a copy of your certification as an Instructor of first aid and CPR. If you aren’t yet an instructor of first aid/CPR, we offer the Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor Course.

Preparing for Your IDC

Candidates should confirm their IDC as early as possible. Upon receipt of your deposit our Course Director will be in touch to begin your preparation for the IDC.

You’ll be subscribed to an email list for your IDC. Your Course Director and fellow candidates will be the other members of that list. Prior to and during the IDC, you’ll ask questions, get to know your colleagues and educators and keep up to date on logistics.


As a dive educator, you’ll want to have the various tools that you’ll use to teach the PADI programs you’ll conduct. These materials are not included in our course fees as you may have some already.

Frog Dive will be pleased to provide any required materials at the appropriate PADI Members Price. Please see our Required & Recommended Materials List.

Schedule Options

Out part-time programs run over three 3-day weekends ( Saturday, Sunday). This schedule suits those who wish to work at a comfortable pace, and who wish to have minimal time away from work. See below for our schedule 

8am Saturday
– Course Orientation – 1.5hr
– General Standards & Procedures – 1.5hr
– Open Water Diver Course – 1.5hr
– Adventures in Diving Program – 1.5hr
– Developing Knowledge Development Presentations – 2hr

8am Sunday
– Dive Theory Exam & Dive Theory Revision – 3hr
– Teaching in Confined Water – 2hr
– Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation #1 – 1hr
– Developing Ocean Teaching Presentations – 2hr

8am Saturday
– Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation #2 & #3 – 2hr
– Risk Management – 2hr
– Rescue Diver Course – 1.5hr
– Dive master Course – 1.5hr
– Standards & Procedures Exam – 1.5hr
– 4 E’s Workshop #1 & #2 – .5hr

8am Sunday
– Pool session #1 – Skill Development Session – 2hr
– Confined Water Skills Presentations #1, #2 & #3 – 5hr
– 800m snorkel – .5hr
– Rescue Workshop – 1hr

8am Saturday
– Pool Session #2 – Skill Revision, CW Skills Presentations #4 – 3hr
– Ocean Session 1 – Skills #1 & #2 Combined – 5hr

8am Sunday
– Ocean Session 2 – Skills #3 & #4 Combined – 6hr
– Deep Dive Pre-Assessment & DSD Workshop – .5hr
: (Incl. Adventures in Diving Workshop)
– Rescue Workshop / Exam – 1hr
– paperwork and debrief for IE – 1hr

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