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Learn to Dive with Frog Dive

At Frog Dive in Sydney we’re “one jump ahead” of other scuba centres.

Develop your skills in our on-site diver training pool

We have a purpose built diver training pool located at our diver training centre.

The pool is heated all year round for your comfort. Pool sessions in your learn to dive course are conducted at the shallow end of the pool where we introduce you to the concepts of scuba diving and you can to practice your scuba skills until you are confident. Then we will take you to the deep end of the pool, have you conduct a proper scuba diving descent, show you how to clear you ears easily and then have you conduct the scuba skills once again in a real underwater environment. You get to experience in our pool what a lot of other students never experience until they get to the ocean, what it is like to really scuba dive underwater. Our scuba training sessions make your transition to the open water diving sessions in the ocean an easier and much more positive learning experience.

Take all the time you need

Our scuba lessons include more time in the pool with our students than most other training groups. When you learn to dive with Frog Dive we want you to be comfortable underwater, and the only way to be comfortable is to spend time underwater scuba diving in our pool. If we need to spend more time in the pool to hone your scuba skills, then that’s not a problem, its our pool and always available for extra scuba training time if required.

Frog Dive is different to most other diver training companies, although they might issue a PADI Open Water Certification, we will ensure that when you learn to dive with Frog Dive you’ve got the support and assistance you need to become a confident and relaxed diver.

What do you do now:

  1. Get Started by booking your course online or by calling the Frog Dive Centre on 02 9958 5699, get your eLearning pass code and your ready to learn to dive.
  2. Commence the online elearning programme, once finished we will contact you regarding pool and ocean training.
  3. Ensure you have completed the attached Medical Statement and seek  medical clearance if required (refer list of Diving Doctors)
  4. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring towel and swimmers for pool dives
  5. Get ready for the time of your life when you learn to dive with Frog Dive

Frog Dive Sydney
Phone: 02 9958 5699
Email: dive@frogdive.com.au

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