Minke Whale Expedition - 27 June 2019

Minke Whale Expedition

4 Nights and 10-12 Dives

27 June to 1 July 2019 from Cairns

Enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling reefs of exceptional biodiversity, eye to eye encounters with Dwarf Minke Whales and a top off your Minke Whale Expedition with a spectacular low-flying scenic flight from Lizard Island back to Cairns.

Join Larissa & the Frog Crew for this life changing experience!


Minke Whale Expedition Features:

  • Amazing in-water encounters with the Minke whales
  • Diver size fish at the Cod Hole
  • Ribbon Reefs with Best fish & coral biodiversity
  • Superb underwater photography sites
  • Excellent snorkelling conditions
  • Outstanding marine life biodiversity
  • Superior vessel stability in adverse weather
  • All dives between Lizard Island and Cooktown
  • Spectacular low-level Lizard Island to Cairn flight!!

Get Spoilt:

Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard.  Enjoy sumptuous cuisine and a superb combination of diver conveniences, space and stability.


  • 4 Nights on Mike Ball’s Spoilsport
  • All meals included
  • Twin Share Rooms – from Suite to Bunks available
  • 10-12 dives
  • Amazing in water encounters with Minke Whales
  • Dive The Cod Hole & Ribbon Reefs
  • Spectacular low level reef flight back to Cairns

From $2254 per diver (ex Cairns)



One of the Finest Wildlife Experiences on Earth!

Dwarf minkes whales grow up to eight metres in length, weigh several tonnes and are very inquisitive. An average interaction consist of 2- 3 whales for approximately 90 minutes. The largest minke pod seen was 28 whales, the longest encounter 10 hours. However, minke whales are wild animals and can be unpredictable; past success does not guarantee future success.

What is the thrill of being in the water with a dwarf minke whale?  It is truly remarkable to see these big, beautiful whales approach and gracefully glide past while watching you. As you come eye to eye with these amazing marine creatures you realise just how privileged we are to share the ocean with them.

Minke Whale expeditions are suitable for both snorkel and scuba divers. The close up whale action and excellent visibility on the Ribbon Reefs combines for great winter diving. The Minke Whale Expedition itinerary remains flexible to maximise opportunities for you to interact with the whales.

All guests can participate in the dwarf minke whale research and photographers can share their photos with the minke whale photo database.

Minke Whale Expedition 2019 Pricing:

Budget                 $2254

Club                     $2592

Standard             $2872   

Premium             $3150


Download Minke Whales_Booking Form_2019 & Minke_Frogdive_2019_Flyer  here.