Minke Whale Expedition

Looking for your next Dive Holiday?

Join Larissa and the Frog Dive Crew on a life time experience with the Minke Whales!

An expedition dedicated to maximising your in-water interactions at the world’s only known minke whale aggregation sites, whilst enjoying the diverse marine life of the Ribbon Reefs.

From 27th June to 1st July 2019

Departing from Cairns


  • 4 nights live aboard
  • 12 dives (2 night dives)
  • Amazing in-water encounters with minke whales!
  • Ribbon Reefs with best fish & coral biodiversity (superb underwater photo sites!)
  • All dives between Lizard island and Cooktown.
  • Superior vessel stability in adverse weather.
  • Spectacular low-level Lizard Island to Cairns flight.


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