No shore dive tomorrow

A quick one for this week……..


Unfortunately there will be no shore dive tomorrow. We are inundated with courses and do not have enough helpers to assist us this weekend. Be assured though that Glen Stracey is running next weekend’s dive on Saturday, and we will decide on the location on Thursday when the forecast is clearer.


Our team dives are scheduled for the second Sunday of each month. February will see us dive at the ever popular Shelly beach at Manly with a 9am shore dive brief. The boat will run at 8am, 10am and 12 noon……and I think the first dive should be organised to go to Dee Why Wide [30mtrs- advance dive], and depending on conditions we may get around to Blue fish point for the other dives. The shore dive brief will see you assigned a dive buddy, if you do not have one, as well as a dive guide. These days are catered for with hot food, salads, drinks and desert at a cost of $15 or $8 team members. If you have not joined the club yet, or your membership has expired, both stores have team t shirts in stock which you receive when you join. Membership is only $55 per annum and the benefits are great, ask when next at the shops. If you intend to attend the next dive day at Shelly Beach please email to let him know that he needs to feed you!


You may not be aware about the fact that the March / April period at Forster produces the best conditions and marine life of the year. The water is warm at around 24 degrees, and the pelagic fish come out to feed on the bait fish. Ron Hunter from Fishermans Wharf, has a sensational boat with 2 brand new motors [I bet that was expensive Ron]! We have a weekend planned for the 2nd and 3rd April where you will do 4 boat dives, 2 nights accommodation, breakfast and air fills all included for $325. It is Grey Nurse shark breeding time, and you may dive with up to 70 sharks in one dive!!! A camera is a must. We will have a divemaster look after you all weekend, and hire gear will be only $80 for the dives.


Young Ben has volunteered to lead the troups on the dives for this weekend away. We have planned 6 dives at Fish Rock where the famous cave will be entered. A torch is a pre requisite for this trip, and 3 night’s accommodation, air fills and your second tank is supplied for only $435.00. The space will fill quickly for this tour so get in early.

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