PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty Course

PADI Underwater Naturalist Course

Now that you can dive, it is time to enjoy the marine life. The PADI Underwater Naturalist Course will show you how to find and identify marine plants and animals, so you can get even more enjoyment out of your diving.


What you should get out of the PADI Underwater Naturalist program:
  1. A greater awareness of aquatic plants and animals
  2. An increased ability to find critters
  3. Dispel myths and misconceptions about potentially dangerous aquatic life.
  4. A better understanding of how to preserve our diving environment for the next generation .

This is a great program which will provide you with skills that will ensure your future dives have the potential to reveal many secrets of the sea. It will also re enforce that slow and steady sees the most fishes. The program is conducted over one evening and one day which includes two dives of marine discovery.

Cost of the program:

    • $225 for non Team Members
    • $195 for Frog Dive Team Members

2017 Course dates

3rd December

2018 Course dates

14th January, 11th March, 13th May, 22nd July, 9th September, 11th November


Evening Discussion
  • Intro to the aquatic realm
  • Mythology of marine plants and animals
  • Survey of aquatic life
  • Responsible human interaction
  • Get you ready for the two dives

Dive #1

  • Dive brief
  • Passively observe aquatic life
  • Use neutral buoyancy to preserve bottom dwelling critters
  • Locate and identify two local marine plants
  • Locate and identify at least four local invertebrate animals (snails, starfish, crayfish, octopus, anemones etc)
  • Locate and identify at least five local vertebrate animals (fish and critters with bones)
  • Exit, discuss and log dive.

Dive #2

  • Dive brief
  • Passively observe aquatic life
  • Use neutral buoyancy to preserve bottom dwelling critters
  • Identify and observe as many symbiotic; predator/prey relationships as possible.
  • Locate as many indications of impact by man on the local environment as possible, and evaluate the cause
  • Exit, discuss and log dive
Course Inclusions:
  • All training
  • Marine ID Slate for temperate waters
  • PADI Specialty Certificate & C Card
You need to supply:
  • Your own dive gear +slate; pencil, hire gear $50
  • Transport to dive site
  • Air fill at dive site for 2nd dive
  • One free day to complete the program