Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

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Even Fish Envy Atomic SplitFins

SplitFins deliver more propulsion with less air consumption

SplitFins deliver more propulsion with less drag and kick with less effort. Reducing the stress and strain of the kick results in greater sustained speed, power and comfort.


Not all SplitFins are the same

Splitfins come in a variety of shapes, sizes and stiffness. These contribute greatly to overall comfort and performance. A fin with short, soft blades will kick easier than a longer, stiffer one, but will require many more kicks to travel the same distance. A blade that is too stiff will require too much effort to kick comfortably. The Atomic SplitFins were specifically designed to optimize all these variables. They are easy kicking fins that deliver high thrust, speed, and efficiency with a comfortable, low frequency kick cycle.

Split Fin Colors


How To Swim With Atomic SplitFins

Don't worry about how easy the SplitFins are to kick. Adopt a smaller range, more frequent flutter kick for maximum performance.

A smaller-range rapid flutter kick keeps your legs within the slipstream of your body so that you punch a hole in the water that is only as big as your shoulders and your tank. Remember, less drag means more speed and less effort.


  SplitFin Sizing (Open Heel)

    Men's USA EU

  Small 5 1/2 37-38

  Medium 6 - 8 1/2 39-41

  Large 9 - 11 42-43
  XLarge 11 1/2 - 13 44-46






Spring Heel Straps

The unique rust-resistant stainless steel springs are designed to giv edivers a more comfortable fit and easy one-hand removal'. Spring Heel staps are included on the "Smoke on the Water" Splitfin and available for all Atomic SplitFins or as a universal retrofit for other brands.