Bare Aqua Trek 1 Drysuit Ladies

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This drysuit uses BARE's exclusively engineered Cordura Nylon 4-Layer fabric. Durable, breathable and designed to be lighter weight than traditional trilaminates, the Aqua Trek 1 is ready, no matter where the adventure takes you.

                                  Force 1 Boots

                              5mm Drysuit Hood


  • Lighter weight breathable material that offers enhanced flexibility
  • 2MM nylon/smoothskin “Smart Collar” with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the BARE dry hood
  • Neoprene socks
  • Low profile valves
  • Anatomically shaped torso, arms and legs to reduce excess bulk
  • Lightweight low-profile plastic dry zipper
  • Elastic at the back waist for better fit
  • Telescopic torso with field replacable crotch strap
  • M-PADz knee protection with 2MM neoprene backing provides added padding for comfort
  • Includes 4-point suspenders 



  • Exclusively engineered with CORDURA Nylon Oxford 4-Layer fabric for abrasion- and puncture-resistance
  • 2 needle “felled seam” construction increases seam integrity, is low profile and less prone to abrasion and finishes for a clean look
  • Flexible double taped reinforcement at “critical wear” seam points for added durability



The Aqua Trek comes with neoprene socks, add on the BARE Force 1 Boots for complete outfit. Keep the warmth level with the BARE 5mm Drysuit Hood.

Force 1 Boots

The new Force 1 Boot is the essential boot to use with all drysuits with neoprene socks installed. Durable and breathable quick drying materials used on the uppers and heavy-duty sole with reinforced toe and heel cap provide excellent support and protection for shore entries, boat decks and ladders.

Force 1 prevents irritating air-pocketing in all dry suits socks with a quick lock lacing system and durable, elastic cords. This strong, versatile dive boot is ready for anything that stands, or dives, in its way.

Available on sizes 5 to 13 - Please advise or you size on 9958 5699 or

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5mm Drysuit Hood


Are Dry Hood is the perfect product to reach your dive goals. Complete your order and enjoy life like never before. 

It features 5mm Elastek/Glideskin trimmable face and neck seal that glides nicely over the hair. Vented design allows trapped air to escape. Hood neck seal mates perfectly with drysuit seal/collar.

Available on sizes X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large - Please advise or you size on 9958 5699 or

SPECIAL ADD ON: $55 - Save 15% OFF recommended retail price ($65)


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