Cressi Palau Adjustable Swim / Snorkel Fins

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Cressi Palau Adjustable Swim / Snorkel Fins

An ideal snorkeling fin for Kids, Families, Group Activities

Cressi Palau  adjustable snorkeling and swimming fin are designed for extreme comfort even if worn with bare feet.  

The easy fitting Cressi Palau fin is extraordinarily practical too, with an easy adjustable buckle and a foot pocket that can easily adapt to at least three or four consecutive sizes. 

Cressi Palau Open Heel Fins Size Chart

US Men's shoe size 1-2 2-4 4-7 7-10 10-13
US Women's shoe size 3-4 4-6 6-9 9-12 12-15
European Men's shoe size 32-33 33-36 36-40 40-43 43-46


The blade is made from a light and responsive material that assures a fluid, effortless and powerful kick. The Fins Short Blade makes it perfect for Traveling and is useful for Body Surfing, Boogie Boards, swimming, snorkelling and much more.



  • The First Adjustable heel snorkeling fin of the Cressi Line.
  • Ultra Comfortable foot pocket, specifically for use without booties.
  • Easy adjustable buckle.
  • 3-material molding and ergonomic blade placement on the footbed.
  • Ideal for kids and adults