Cressi Kids Mask & Snorkel Set

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The Cressi Kids Mask and Snorkel is ideal for the little ones to explore the underwater world.


The mask features:
- Two separate lenses, and is specifically designed for snorkeling and free diving
- Made from transparent Silflex, and has an inner seal ring to guarantee comfort and an excellent seal on most face types
- It has a smaller internal volume and visibility is excellent in all directions.
- It has quick-release strap buckles.

The snorkel features:
- Tube made from a transparent, flexible material.
- The quick-release, technopolymer retaining clip system is height adjustable.
- The top end of the tube ends with a modern splash-top to prevent water from entering the tube even in rough water.
- The angled mouthpiece is designed for extreme comfort even during extended use.