Ex-Rental / School Oceanic Viper Fins, size X Large

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Grab a bargain with our Ex-Rental / School Fins SALE

We pride ourselves for keeping high standards on our Dive school and Gear Hire, and our fins keep up with that.

Please note: These are ex-rental / dive school fins, meaning it can have minor scratches and/or wear marks. We do not sell fins with any damage that would affect it's performance.



The Oceanic Viper Fins blade’s Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency. The engineered channels and side rails direct water flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to spill from the sides of the blade for uncompromising power and efficiency. The middle of the fin is quite flexible to allow powerful kicking.



  • Vipers are ideal for all diving and snorkeling skill levels
  • The Viper Fins have flexible Power Thrust Channel that directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency
  • Power Vents reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Oversized blade produces increased thrust and propulsion
  • Vipers have a generous yet streamlined foot pocket fits a wide range of boot styles while significantly reducing drag
  • Extremely lightweight for increased performance and ease of travel
  • Easy adjust quick-release buckles