Ex-Rental / School Scubapro Smart Z Dive Computer

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Grab a bargain with our Ex-Rental / School Computers SALE

We pride ourselves for keeping high standards on our Dive school and Gear Hire, and our Computers keep up with that.

Please note: These are ex-rental / dive school Computer, meaning it can have minor scratches and/or wear marks. We do not sell computers with any damage that would affect its performance.


The Smart Z wrist dive computer has been engineered for the recreational diver who wants customizable safety and convenience settings with accurate detailed information at all times.

Smart Z includes a decompression dive planner with selectable surface intervals and a logbook with the capacity to record 100 hours of dive profiles.

Algorithm & Safety

* Adaptive algorithm (ZH-L8 ADT MB). This exclusive UWATEC algorithm increases safety and optimizes bottom time by constantly adjusting the decompression plan during the dive when risk factors like cold water, high workload, fast ascents or the potential for formation of micro bubbles are detected.
* Micro bubble Suppression Technology. Select one of six micro bubble suppression levels to minimize critical micro bubble formation from single or repetitive exposures.

Nitrox & Gas Integration

* Nitrox compatibility 21 - 100%. Customize your MOD and ppo2max (1.2 - 1.6 bar) at the time of O2 mix setting (in 1% increments).
* Hoseless gas integraton. Permanently paired transmission of tank data from up to 3 different transmitters.

Functions & Display

* Gauge Mode to 120m. Operates as technical depth gauge to 120m while maintaining ability to show tank information from up to three transmitters.
* Customise Audible Warnings. Audible warnings can be turned on and off based on personal preferences.
* Dive Planner. Allows planning of decompression dives accounting for up to three gases. Allows entering any surface interval in case of repetitive diving for more powerful planning.
* User Adjustable Illuminated Display. Adjustable backlight duration (2 - 12 seconds) to optimize battery life.