Ex-Rental / School Zeagle Recon Fins, size X Large

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Grab a bargain with our Ex-Rental / School Fins SALE

We pride ourselves for keeping high standards on our Dive school and Gear Hire, and our fins keep up with that.

Please note: These are ex-rental / dive school fins, meaning it can have minor scratches and/or wear marks. We do not sell fins with any damage that would affect it's performance.



The Zeagle Recon Fin is a revolutionary technical fin that’s a total rethink of basic fin geometry, angles, surfaces and thicknesses. It combines uncomplicated design with the latest aquadynamic technology.

Developed and tested for optimal responsiveness, the Recon provides stability for technical dives and alternative kicking styles, like frog kick and helicopter turns.

Aerodynamic surfaces, four strategic strakes on the top and underside, and thick side ribs combine to generate optimal thrust and performance across the entire fin.