Freediving Training Sessions

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For the Freedivers looking forward to improving freediving skills, get more comfortable in the water and to practice safe & supervised breath hold sessions.

Done your PADI Freediver Certification (or equivalent) and want some more time in water under the direct supervision of an Instructor? Join our Frog Dive Instructor for a breath hold training session.

Training occurs on a Wednesday evening at our heated in-store pool from 6pm.  It incorporates breath hold techniques, table and a variety of strength training. We also play some creative games to keep the enthusiasm up and the monotony at bay.

Don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry, we will buddy you up. The training sessions are also an excellent opportunity to meet more freedivers around you!


You need to hold a PADI Freediver Certification or equivalent

What to bring

Bring your freediving gear: mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. If you require any gear hire, it can be arranged. We will provide the weights.

Booking is essential!