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The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to cultivate the essential skills required by all sound diving practice. Course outcomes include: providing the recreational diver, who does not desire further diver training, with an opportunity to advance his/her basic diving skills; training divers in the theory and practice of Nitrox; providing divers with aspirations for more advanced diver training with the tools that will contribute to a greater likelihood of success; and providing non-GUE trained divers with a gateway into GUE training.


Applicants for a Fundamentals course must:

  1. Submit a completed registration form, a medical history, and a liability release to GUE Headquarters.
  2. Be physically and mentally fit.
  3. Hold insurance that will cover diving emergencies such as hyperbaric treatment, e.g. DAN Master-level insurance or equivalent.
  4. Be a nonsmoker.
  5. Obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for the use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any prior medical condition that may pose a risk while diving.
  6. Be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  7. Be a certified GUE Rec 1 diver or be certified as an open water diver from a recognized training agency.


GUE Fundamentals Course Content

The Fundamentals course is conducted over four days, requires 6 dives and at least 30 hours instruction, encompassing classroom, land drills and in-water work at a maximum depth of 18 meters. All dives are no decompression dives.


GUE Fundamentals Course Fees

Total course fees $1295 per person

$1195 course fee payable to Frog Dive, $100 GUE Membership payable directly to GUE at time of registration.

Once you've booked your GUE Fundamentals Course with Frogdive, click on the link below to complete your GUE registration onlline.  Following registration and payment of the $100 GUE membership fee, Course materials will be available for download.

Become a Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Member and download your course materials now


GUE Fundamentals Course Dates

The Fundamentals course are done on demand, that means we have the course available when there's interest from the student. Give us a call on 02 9958 5699 or contact on to check availability.


Training Materials

GUE training materials and recommended reading as determined by the course study packet received via online download after GUE course registration.


Academic Topics

  1. Introduction: GUE organization and course overview (objectives, limits, expectations)
  2. Building a solid skill base - buoyancy, trim, balance and propulsion
  3. Fundamental diving skills
  4. Streamlining and equipment configuration
  5. Situational awareness
  6. Dive planning and gas management
  7. Breathing gas overview
  8. Nitrox
  9. Decompression overview and minimum decompression procedures
  10. Diving safety and accident prevention
  11. The GUE system


Land Drills and Topics

  1. Dive team protocols
  2. Basic Five
  3. S-drill and valve-drill
  4. Equipment fit and function
  5. Propulsion techniques
  6. No mask swim
  7. Pre-dive drills
  8. Surface marker deployment
  9. Diver rescue techniques (Fundamentals Tech)


Equipment Requirements

Prior to the commencement of class, students should consult with a GUE representative to verify equipment requirements. Whether or not a piece of equipment fulfills GUE’s equipment requirement remains at the discretion of GUE and its instructor representatives.

Participants are responsible for providing all equipment or for making provisions to secure the use of necessary equipment before the start of the course. In general, it is better for the student to learn while using his or her own equipment. However, students should exercise caution before purchasing new equipment to avoid acquiring substandard equipment. Please contact a GUE representative prior to making any purchases. Information about recommended equipment can be obtained from the equipment considerations section of GUE's Web site.