Hollis Surface Marker Buoy w/ Sling Pouch

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A Surface Marker Buoy belongs in every diver’s set of gear. It is a safety device that is easy to stow in your pockets or clip onto your BCD. This Hollis SMB is a closed-circuit surface marker, which means that once deployed, it will not lose air. It comes with a handy Sling Pouch, which is great for storage or you can use it to attach the SMB to your gear, so you’ll never forget to bring it. 

It is available in a beautiful fluorescent orange. Simply deploy your SMB before surfacing after your dive. This will serve as a warning for passing boat traffic that divers are about to emerge. In some areas, you will also want to have an SMB deployed during your whole dive, e.g. on a drift dive to signal your skipper your location at all times


  • Comes with quick deploy pouch

  • Hybrid Inflation design - Oral / Power Inflate or via regulator

  • Ideal for CCR divers who don't have easy access to a 2nd stage for inflation

  • Anti spill self sealing duck bill closure ensures tube stays inflated

  • Mini HLI dump valve allows gas to vent during ascent or to depressurise bag at surface

  • Reflective tape for night diving

  • Approx. 12 kg of lift 

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