Hollis Torch LED3

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The Hollis LED 3 is a tough and powerful SCUBA diving back up torch that is a battery operated, non rechargeable torch with a concentrated beam and a 6 hour burn time.

A Tough Aluminium Body houses a cradle for three AA batteries that are protected by a double O-Ring seal.

Magnetic Switch Operation keeps the electronic parts safe from flooding with a simple on/off push switch that is large enough for gloves but protected from accidental use by the Aluminium body.

Crenulated Bezel protects the recessed lense from damage and scratching.

Solid Loop and Adjustable Lanyard save the torch from accidental loss by attaching the torch to your wrist.


  • Single 3W “backup” Light
  • Concentrated 8 degree beam
  • Output 230 Lumen
  • Burntime - 6 hours total
  • Bulb life 50,000 hours
  • T6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum
  • 3 “AA” alkaline batteries
  • Depth rated to 650 ft (200 m)
  • Dimensions 1.97 inches (50 mm) diameter and 5.78 inches (147 mm) length
  • Rear tie-point for boltsnap / lanyard included
  • Double O-ring seals
  • State of the art PMMA reflector