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Exciting new full face snorkeling mask for kids and adults designed to make breathing when snorkelling, as natural as breathing on land.

This full-face snorkelling mask, for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land with your nose and mouth. Thanks to its large size, this innovative mask also offers users an unobstructed 180 degrees field of view.

To ensure that water does not enter via the snorkel, the mask is equipped with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water.

Breathing in, the mask stays clear as fresh air runs over the viewing area and exhaled air leaves through the pressure relief valve.

Please note, that you will not be able to duck-dive with this mask, as you can not equalise your ears or the air volume of the mask.


  • Full mask for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.

  • Dry Top snorkel system limits water entry through the top of the snorkel

  • 180° field of vision and shatterproof polycarbonate window for added safety

  • Purge valve at the bottom of the mask to drain water when the head is raised.

  • Exclusive breath ventilation concept prevents fogging.

  • 2 mask sizes with a silicone face skirt for comfort and a watertight seal.

  • Hi Viz Orange snorkel top can be seen from further away than a traditional snorkel

  • Adjustable elasticated textile strap prevents mask strap catching on hair.

  • GoPro edition comes with the mount to attach GoPro camera housing on to the mask to shoot stunning videos.


How to choose the right size?

Step 1. Measure the distance between Nose bridge to bottom of the chin.

Step 2. If the distance is less than 12 cm (4.8 inches), Choose Small/Medium.

Step 3. If the distance is more than 12 cm (4.8 inches), Choose Large/XL.


**This mask is suitable for surface snorkelling only - not designed for Free Diving, Spear Fishing or Scuba Diving.

**GoPro camera or the water proof housing is not included with purchase