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Ocean Hunter Lycra Skin Bottom is the ultimate pair of camo bottoms that will protect you from the sun whilst keeping you camouflaged under the water. It is manufactured from Ocean Hunter's proven anatomical pattern, it can be worn in a combination with the Lycra Skin Top, or as a stand-alone garment.

The camouflage has been specifically designed to blend into Australia's tropical water environment so you can increase your odds of getting the best catch.

It has been constructed from a highly elastic material providing flexibility and movement when swimming. It also features supratex kneepads for protection when diving and flatlock seams for durability. 

CAR PARK SALE: One only, size MEDIUM


  • Ocean Hunter's Chameleon Camouflage
  • High-flex, durable Lycra
  • Proven anatomical fit
  • Foot stirrups for the best fit possible
  • Elastic waist
  • Supratex kneepads
  • Flatlock seams for durability