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The Ocean Hunter Chameleon Skin Lycra Suit is designed for wear over your existing suit or on its own in warm tropical water. This over-suit skin is ideal for easily altering the appearance of suits to provide a unique dual camouflage print developed specifically for Australian waters.

The wetsuit has been constructed from a highly elastic material providing flexibility and movement when swimming. A back zipper has been included with secure Velcro closure to ensure that the zip stays in place so you can focus on your hunting and diving.

Flatlock stitching on the seams provides water sealing properties and the custom non-slip chest loading pad reduces the pressure in loading and reloading, whilst resistant SupraTex knee pads provide resistance to wear and tear and gives the diver protection against hard and abrasive surfaces.

Thumb loops and foot stirrups prevent the arms and pant legs from riding up and exposing the skin and also assists in the preventing of water infiltration.


  • Flatlock stitching
  • Super stretch lycra material
  • Thumb loops and foot stirrups
  • SupraTex knee pads