Ocean Hunter Float Line w/ PVC Coating

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The Ocean Hunter Float Line is manufactured for serious spearfishing applications and it comes with an impressive 400 kg breaking strain. The float line itself is 9 mm in thickness and incorporates a camo green PVC tubing which covers the 400 kg Dyneema line. This PVC tubing traps air in the float line and is what gives the line such exceptional buoyancy. The float line also includes the stainless steel speed needle, 2 stainless steel swivels, 2 stainless steel D shackles and a handy Velcro wrap for securing your float rope when storing it.

This Float Line provides excellent buoyancy and will remain buoyant even when loaded up with multiple fish so it will easily suit many different hunting locations and situations from reef to rocky shoreline to blue water applications.



  • The ultimate floatline for all types of underwater hunting in Australian waters

  • 9mm Camo green PVC tubing covering a 400kg Dyneema

  • Includes stainless steel speed needle and swivel

  • Available in 10m & 20m &30m lengths