Oceanic Ultra SD Snorkel

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The Oceanic Ultra (semi-dry) SD snorkel is one quality snorkel. The design incorporates semi-dry technology and a streamlined design. It all starts with comfort in this snorkel. The drop away smooth bore flex mouthpiece stops the snorkel creating drag in the water and takes away pressure applied to the jaw allowing you to dive longer more comfortably.

The comfortable silicone mouthpiece comes with the convenient feature of being replaceable, so you don’t have to stress about chewing on the mouthpiece. The snorkel also has a dry top deflector intended to help prevent the entry of water. Should any enter the snorkel, the oversized one-way purge valve discharges the water with little effort from the user. The quick-lock clip will make attaching/detaching the snorkel to the mask easy.


  • Semi-Dry snorkel technology to limit the entry of water
  • Oversized purge valve to easily discharge water
  • Drop-away smooth bore flex mouthpiece
  • Replaceable silicone mouthpiece
  • Quick-lock clip for attachment/detachment to mask