Rob Allen Digi Camo 3mm Wetsuit

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The Rob Allen Digi 3mm Green Camo Wetsuit is designed specifically for spearfishing.

The suit is a green/brown camouflage with helps to blend you in to the underwater environment. The camo will help you get closer to your target. This set consists of long johns and a hooded jacket. With this 2 piece design you can take off the jacket in warmer water to use the long john by itself then put the jacket on in colder water. Each peice is constructed with quality 3mm neoprene, when the set is worn together you have 6mm on your chest.

Open cell inner is the most commonly used by spearfishermen and freedivers, the open cell rubber forms a suction effect against the skin which stops water from getting in, allowing you to stay warmer for longer.  The wetsuit includes a non slip loading pad for chest loading spearguns and reinforced padded knees for protection. 


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