Rob Allen Torsion Carbon Fin Blades

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When one of the worlds most experienced spearfishing manufacturers turns their attention towards Carbon blades you know they are going to be good. With the mixture of Rob Allen and Jeremy William’s experience in competition and game fish diving they knew they needed to make a FANTASTIC FIN.

The key was to create the most torsionally stable fin they could. When a fin resists twisting action it can transfer more energy while being a safer blade. This makes the fin far more efficient than anything most of us have dived in before. The blades are created with a unique mix of Carbon fibre layers and vacuum infused resin. No fibreglass layers are used.

The use of vacuum infusion and controlled temperature and pressure ensures consistency from one set of fins to the next. Available in 5 stiffness, these blades are incredibly efficient and easy to use.



  • Material: pure twill Carbon Fibre
  • Stability unmatched by the competition
  • Unique Carbon Fibre layers and vacuum infused resin
  • Ultimate transfer of energy due to minimal stroke twist
  • Consistency in production runs utilising controlled temperature
  • One size fits all


Blades are available on four stiffnesses:

  • S3 – Extra Soft (50-70kg)
  • S4 – Soft (60-80kg)
  • S5 – Medium (70-90kg)
  • S6 – Hard (80-110kg)


How to fit blades


There are a few ways to fit your new Rob Allen carbon blades into your foot pockets

  • The blades are glued into the foot pocket with a flexible adhesive
  • The blades are installed then the holes are drilled using a slow speed and a drilling lubricant. At which point the fixing kits are used.



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