Salvimar Sea Walker Freediving Package Ladies

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Our best package for the spearo and freediver who wants the best gear with incredible performance, specially designed for women.

The Salvimar Sea Walker package includes:


If you are unsure about what size to order, or would like to enquiry about any changes on the package, just reach us on 02 9958 5699 or and our experts will guide you through it. 



Salvimar Sea Walker Open Cell 3.5mm Wetsuit

Salvimar's dedicated ladies wetsuit designed for spearfishing and freediving. The external pattern is actually a striking and stylish digital ocean scene that has been printed onto lycra.

The inner material is a quality, high density 3.5mm open cell neoprene that gives the ultimate in warmth and flexibility. This wetsuit is a 2 piece design with a hooded jacket and high pants, high wear areas are reinforced with a heavy duty rubber material called PuffGUM.


  • 2 piece wetsuit, hooded jacket and high-waved pants
  • exterior material: ultra-elastic Salvimar camo
  • Ultra elastic lining + Neoprene Q-Foam for comfort and easy wearability
  • Interior material: Q-Foam open cell neoprene
  • Guards and reinforcement on torso and knees
  • Double GBS cross seam for maximum stretch and seal
  • Beavertail with double buttons


Turn 151 Fins

Developed to offer the best product for competitive and recreational Freediver.  A great freediving fin needs to be efficient, comfortable and responsive to the diver's movements: this all starts with the foot pocket.  The Turn 151° foot pocket has a unique set of features that make it ideally suited to long days of exploring and training both out in open water or in the pool working on technique. 


  • A foot pocket to blade angle of 29° for optimal finning

  • Polypropylene blade with Shore 60 natural rubber foot pocket

  • Kevlar arch band inside the injection molded rubber provides maximum support

  • Natural rubber 55 shore stiffness

  • Ability to upgrade to Carbon Fibre blade as your skill level increases


Fluyd Marseille Pro Weight Belt

The Salvimar Pro Rubber Weight Belt with classic Marseille Stainless Steel Buckle is a popular choice with the experienced spearos and freedivers.

Spear fishing and freediving take concentration. Unlike scuba diving a spear fisherman or freediver can't stop to adjust a loosening weight belt due to wet suit compression at depth. The Salvimar Marseille Pro Weight Belt allows the serious diver to snug up the belt at the surface and forget it while diving.

The high elastic properties of the belt will contract and compress with your body and wetsuit during your descent and expand and stretch as your body and wetsuit expand during ascent. This keeps your weight belt properly positioned around your hips. The Marseilles buckle, made of heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless steel, is attached to the rubber belt with stainless steel rivets and is designed for a quick release if necessary.


  • Elastic Pro Rubber Belt with classic Marseille Buckle

  • Depth Compensating Design

  • Prevents Weight Belt Slippage

  • Snug Up Belt at Surface and Forget it while Fishing

  • High Stretch Rubber Material

  • Keeps Weights Comfortably on Hips

  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Buckle

  • Buckle Designed for Quick Release

  • Buckle Securely Attached to Belt with Stainless Steel Rivets


Noah Mask

Low volume mask, innovative technology for a frame merged in it’s space. Excellent range of vision in an absolute lightweight hypoallergenic silicone skirt with micrometric adjustable strap and tempered highly resistant glass lenses. The mould is made exclusively from Salvimar, Italy.


  • Low volume universal fitting mask with excellent field of vision

  • Fusion insertion frame for lightweight and low profile design

  • 3D nose design for comfort

  • Unmatched field of vision to volume ratio

  • Adjustable buckles with micro adjustability

  • Tempered ultra-resistant glass

  • Matt finish interior to avoid reflections

  • Antiallergenic silicone skirt

  • Exclusive Salvimar design


Bite Air Snorkel

Designed specifically for deep spearfishing and free diving, the Siliconair tube is constructed with technologically advanced polymers that allow the snorkel to bend and then spring back to its original position.
The Siliconair's hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece is designed to provide maxiumum comfort, even with prolonged use.


Plush socks (2mm or 3mm)

The Ocean Hunter Plush Socks are used to provide warmth and protection from scratches and chafing. For Spearos and Freedivers it's a must have to ensure comfort and high performance when using long fins. Designed in 2 thickness (2mm and 3mm), the Plush socks offer the best fit results for closed heel fins.

The socks are lined with super comfortable plush material that makes is it the easier sock to fit in the industry. Fast drying, odour resistant, very durable and with non-slip soles for improved longevity and traction.