Salvimar Sea Walker Lady Wetsuit - 3.5mm

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Salvimar's first dedicated ladies wetsuit designed for spearo's. The external pattern is actually a striking and stylish digital ocean scene that has been printed onto lycra.

The inner material is a quality, high density 3.5mm open cell neoprene that gives the ultimate in warmth and flexibility. This wetsuit is a 2 piece design with a hooded jacket and high pants, high wear areas are reinforced with a heavy duty rubber material called PuffGUM.



  • 2 piece wetsuit, hooded jacket and high-waved pants
  • exterior material: ultra-elastic Salvimar camo
  • Ultra elastic lining + Neoprene Q-Foam for comfort and easy wearability
  • Interior material: Q-Foam open cell neoprene
  • Guards and reinforcement on torso and knees
  • Double GBS cross seam for maximum stretch and seal
  • Beavertail with double buttons