Scubapro 850R Torch

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The Scubapro Nova 850R delivers intense illumination, ideal for lighting up the dark spaces and bringing out the vibrant colours on night dives as well as day dives.

It is machined from heavy-duty aluminium so is both lightweight and built to last, and comes complete with rechargeable battery and charger.



  •     Rugged matte black, blue accents aluminium body offers a stealthy "tech"look while providing lightweight long-term durability
  •     Equipped with a Cree XPL LED
  •     850 lumen illumination / 15,000 lux @1m
  •     Double O-ring seals ensure watertight integrity
  •     Push-button switch button is easy to activate, even when wearing gloves
  •     Extended light head shroud prevents the light beam from blinding other divers
  •     Over-pressure valve releases battery off-gassing - a safety feature not normally found on dive lights at this price point
  •     A depth rating of 150m ensures worry-free lighting in virtually all diving conditions.
  •     Burn time: up to 2 hours on full power
  •     8° light beam
  •     Nova 850R is powered by one Xtar Battery 18650
  •     Packaged in a reusable semi soft box
  •     Measures Nova 850R: 161 x 45 mm