Scubapro Knighthawk B.C.D ONE ONLY MEDIUM

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The Knighthawk,  back-floatation BCs incorporate an array of features which make them a truly complete package for divers who prefer a more streamlined profile.

One of our most popular BCs, Knighthawk is a robust and comfortable back flotation jacket that integrates numerous performance features to deliver outstanding comfort and easy handling.

  • Back flotation technology positions air bladder in the back, providing exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders
  • 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions
  • Streamlined air cell technology and automatic volume control of air cell through compression straps
  • Rotating Quick Release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps improve fit
  • Dual zippered pockets with rollout pocket- easily accessible with an expandable compartment
  • Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad provide skin-friendly padding
  • Firmly padded, flexible cummerbund compensates for changes in the suit resulting from varying depths
  • Ergonomic harness incorporates anatomically-shaped components to allow for even load distribution
  • Quick-release integrated weight system offers more comfort and convenience. Pouches accommodate from 10lb to 12lb each (depending on size) and are secured in specially-designed pockets with oversized buckles.
  • Two rear trim pockets counterbalance front weights and provide a well-balanced swimming position
  • 1000 denier nylon outer bladder and 420 denier nylon inner, for maximum resistance to punctures and abrasion
  • Pre-bent stainless steel D-rings
  • Available with Balanced Power Inflator or AIR2

Technical Information

Size Lift (N) Lift (kg/lb) Max bottle size (l)
S 150 15.3 / 33.7 18
M 200 20.4 / 44.9 18
L 200 20.4 / 44.9 18
XL 200 20.4 / 44.9 18
XXL 200 20.4 / 44.9 18