Scubapro G2 Console Dive Computer

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With all of its features, its ease of use, its screen options, its ultra-reliable air pressure monitoring, plus the ability to utilize as much or as little of the technology as you want, the G2C is poised to become the favorite computer for divers of all skill levels. The G2C is designed go anywhere.

The SCUBAPRO G2 has quickly become a favorite among wrist-mount dive computer aficionados. For divers who prefer a console-style computer, SCUBAPRO introduces the G2 Console, or G2C.
G2 Console.

For divers who prefer a console-style air-integrated dive computer, and who don’t need technical modes the new G2 Console stands at the pinnacle of full-featured, full-color dive computing. Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, the G2C is as vibrant and amazing as the underwaterworld you love.


What's Included

The complete G2C comes with a console boot, quick-release high pressure hose, flexible case protector, SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt, Read First manual, 3M foil screen protector, soft box and USB data/charging cable. 


  • Cell phone-style screen. Very familiar and easy to read at depth.
  • Intuitive menu structure. Simple 3-button control system and diver-friendly functions make the G2 Console extremely easy to use.
  • Full-color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) 2.2in/5.6cm dot matrix display LCD screen (320x240p). Vibrant colors offer maximum readability to direct your attention to what you need to know.
  • TFT screens use less energy. They are more efficient than other screen types to help extend battery life.
  • See as much or as little as you like. Choice of screen display configurations. Customize your data presentation with Light, Classic, Full or Graphical screen options to suit your individual style.
  • Customize menu listings. Utilize as much or as little G2C technology as you need – your choice.
  • Multiple language choices. Select from more than 19 languages.
  • Convenient quick-disconnect fitting. Allows you to detach the computer from your regulator system for easy data downloading, travel and storage.
  • Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL-16 ADT MB algorithm. Advanced Uwatec algorithm programs up to 8 nitrox/trimix mixes to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario.
  • Algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time (RBT). It also offers a series of Microbubble levels and incorporates Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops.
  • Integrated heart rate monitor. Measures heartbeat and skin temperature and incorporates both into the workload calculations. The HRM also lets you visually track your heart rate “real time” to ensure you stay in your individual target zone to maximize your fun and safety at depth. (Maximum Operating Depth: 197ft/60m). Integration with the HRM Is exclusive to SCUBAPRO.
  • Improved, full tilt digital compass. The best available. Includes half-compass rose and bearing memory.
  • Rechargeable battery. Provides up to 50 hours of dive time per charge.
  • Huge 485MB memory. Stores pictures, tables, tissue loading status, and 1,000 hours of dive profiles.
  • USB cable or Bluetooth Low Energy interface. Easily download dive data wirelessly to your phone or handheld device. Download dive data to a PC/Mac using LogTRAK software. 
  • Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic casing. Ultra-durable & UV resistant. 
  • Rugged TR 55 transparent thermoplastic lens.


The new G2. Simply smarter and easily more vibrant; you'll never do another dive without it.