Scuba Diving Course

We still have a couple of positions on this weekend’s trip to Jervis Bay where we hope to dive some of the better sites in that area. You need to be advanced qualified for this one, as one of the dives is 40 meters deep.

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New divers start here, the two day “Adventure Diver” program also known as “Advanced Open Water Diver” program. Starts at Guildford Friday night this week.

As a newly certified diver, you are probably still apprehensive about going scuba diving, and that is normal. The thing with a lot of new divers is that once they get over this apprehension, they find diving really exhilirating & exciting. The PADI “two day” Adventure Diver program is designed to get you into the water & provide you with five valuable diving experiences, such as:

Being in total control of your buoyancy throughout the dive.

Becoming more skilled at u/w navigation.

Discovering some unusual critters under the sea.

Do a 30m boat dive off Omega 2, and

Complete a night dive

By participating in these dives you become a more competent and experienced diver.This Adventure Diver program (called the PADI Advanced Open Water COURSE) is the perfect way for you to become more comfortable, competent and experienced as an ocean diver. You will receive the PADI “Adventures in Diving” manual to assist you through the program too.

The cost is $375 or Team $350 with FREE hire gear for Team members. Please note that you can also complete your nitrox course in conjunction with the Advance course this weekend. It also starts on Friday night.


This is probably one of the least thought of but most enjoyed programmes that we offer. The

programme involves a couple of nights during the week and one weekend in Sydney.

The evenings are discussion sessions, but the weekend practical is where you learn to be a

Rescue Diver. So you can expect to spend a lot of your weekend in the water performing rescue skills. Oh, and don’t trust anyone at the dive site, because they might just become your next victim when you least expect it. You must have a current first aid certificate to attend.

Evening Discussions

The Rescue Diver course commences on a

Thursday evening at 6:30pm. Over the Thursday and Friday evenings you will cover:

Self Rescue & Diver Stress * Diving First Aid * Emergency

Management * Equipment Considerations

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