Scuba diving events for 2011

Mick’s night dive last Tuesday went well, even though the conditions were average…Mick is really good at spotting rock spiders, if you have not seen one join him again next Tuesday for another night dive at Bare Island.

I tried to attach an Olympus flyer last week twice, only to find that our email supplier was having issues… I have attempted to add it here for you to open. You can purchase the kit Ezibuy at $36 per week. Link To PDF


Ok guys so as you will have already heard im sure, Clean up Australia Day is this Sunday and Ben is running it. It’s going to be a pretty big one and we hope you all can make it.

A clean up will be done in and out of the …water. We will have 3 teams in total. TEAM 1 (the dry team) will take the beach and surrounding areas. Your job will be to cover both grassy headlands as well as the beach and even the car park! TEAM 2 (underwater team) team 2’s job will be to cover the northern end of camp cove underwater. This area is always full of fishing lines, lures knives and bottles. as well as food wrappers and general rubbish TEAM 3 (underwater team) team 3’s job will be to take the southern end of camp cove underwater. There will be less rubbish here but it still must be cleaned.

Team 3s job will also be to cover the mid way reef that is in the middle of the beach. This is where most of the boats will moor up and throw all sorts of crap over board. Teams will be assigned on the day however if you have a preference i can arrange you to be in whatever group you want beforehand. Just like last year a BBQ will be run for all the volunteers.

Just the basics, sausages, onions and bread and a can of drink. The BBQ will have limited amounts of food. It will be run between 11 and 12 30. All we ask is you throw a couple of gold coins in our tin that will go towards covering the costs to run the day. Any profits made will be donated to project aware to help with future cleanups and conservation. to read more visit if you need to hire any gear please call the boys in the shop on 9958 5699 and we can put a set aside for you.

Everything will kick off at 9 o’clock with the dive briefing starting at 930. Any dive masters or just anybody who wants to volunteer to help out please call us in the shop and ask for Ben. Ben has also organised some local and Federal members to come down.


We have had to change the date for this one as the dive exhibition, OZTEK, is on the weekend of the 12th 13th March. Grahame Selleck, one of our longest suffering staff members, loves this site, and is keen to see you all there on the 20th. Boat harbour is a 4×4 recreational park, and the only site in Sydney where you can drive your car down onto the sands, gear up and dive! We know that not everyone has a 4×4, and if that is your situation, you can meet Grahame outside the park at 8.30am. A brief will be given at 9am, and then the BBQ will commence after the dive. And for those that wish to drive over the dunes afterwards, Grahame will lead the way!!! There is a car entry fee to enter the park so please be aware of this. Bookings are essential. Our 2011 team dives are listed on the website at


Jovial Mick Dolton has volunteered to escort a dive a Bare Island next Tuesday evening. You will meet Mick at the bridge at 7pm, but you must inform him first of your attendance. Mick has a bad habit of not answering his mobile, so please text him if you are going and his number is 0404004358, before Monday 7pm. You are expected to arrange any gear that you may need prior to the dive. Thanks Mick!


If you wish to do some exceptional dives that normally are overlooked on the weekends away, then book on this trip asap. There is a condition to be able to attend, and that is that you must be an advanced diver as the dives are not general recreational dives. Weather permitting we will be diving the Arch, Drum and Drumsticks, Spider cave and the Labrynth. You will need torches and backup torches. These sites are famous, and the memories will live with you a very long time. We have 18 places available, and we expect this to be very popular. The price remains the same, at $345 / $325 team including the 4 boat dives, accommodation, air and your second tank. In fact all our weekends away for 2011 are now listed on the website at Forster trip in April is now full, no space left.

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